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I had been searching around for a while for a graphic designer to help me with creating some artwork for my network’s podcasts.
I am not very artistic so my attempts were very poor at best but when I found these guys they took my ideas and ran with them! Fresh Media Graphics did an amazing job on all the projects that I presented to them even when I didn’t have a clear idea of what I wanted! After the first one they did for me, I was hooked! I came back with zero idea at all other than a name and artwork one of our fans and I left the rest to them and they did amazing as always!
Best part is when I needed a stream overlay and had contacted tons of “professional” stream overlay graphic designers and most either took forever to get back to me or just couldn’t produce what I wanted and weren’t willing to do more than the bare minimum! I emailed Fresh Media and asked if they wanted to take a stab at it and she created an absolutely perfect overlay exactly the way I wanted it that worked great with the theme of our network!
I would recommend these guys to ANYONE and they definitely have my repeat business going forward!

Project Types: Podcast Album Art and Streaming Overlays

Top Qualities: Incredibly talented, great vision, quick work, willingness to work with a customer


Dungeon Crawler Network

“I couldn’t be more delighted to recommend Fresh Media. They took my jumbled ideas and turned out a spectacular cover for my show. Not only do I love the artwork, it turned out better than I could have imagined. Their work is fabulous and they knew how to draw out comments and suggestions to make the design even better. What a tremendous value for the money. I can’t wait to work with them again.”

Project Type: Podcast Album Art

Top Qualities: Superbly talented, professional, considerate, thorough, client satisfaction

Ken Holloway


“I love it… You’re the best… I’m so unbelievably pleased with what you did.”

Bob Zerull

I Hate Critics

“Fresh Media Graphics is absolutely the best. They has an intuitive design sense that many technical people do not have…they understands scale, color, balance etc. so that whatever they produces looks good. Their technical skills are superb as well, and they were phenomenal at finding workarounds for many technical challenges we incurred due to the complexity of my site. I have now hired Fresh Media to do work on two different businesses and they has always comes through for me. My new website, logos and e-newsletter are gorgeous and I am thrilled with the results. I will surely hire Fresh Media again.”

Project Type: Website, Newsletter, Print Graphics, eCovers, etc.

Top Qualities: Design sense, technical knowledge, dedication, and not willing to “settle!” when something just isn’t right!

Jane Meagher

Owner, Opt4Success