About Us


Fresh Media Graphics began life as Podcast Designs in October 2005, when most of the general public didn’t know what a podcast was. It has since grown to design thousands of graphics for hundreds of businesses, organizations, individuals, and of course we still work with many podcasters.

We have affordable prices while still providing a quality product that you’ll be proud to use and show off. We have a friendly, open process that revolves around your input and ideas with a few of our own thrown in from experience and knowledge of what is possible. Simply call 602-456-6201 or email us and let us know what you need and we can get started today!

The Team


Mike Mulcahy

Owner & Graphic Designer

mikemulcahyMike is the owner and lead designer for Fresh Media Graphics and subsidiary, Podcast Designs. With 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur and designer, he has a modern, clean, professional style and loves to help people live their dreams of earning a living doing what they love. Contact Mike at mike@freshmedia.graphics with any questions you may have about services or to request a quote.

Brad Phillips

Project Manager

BradPhillipsBrad is our awesome Project Manager, welcoming new clients, monitoring workflow, and ensuring that clients receive the design they envision. He also works behind the scenes monitoring website updates and backups. For questions about services, he is the one to ask. brad@podcastdesigns.com

Linda Fox

Trade Show Manager & Digital Artist

LindaFoxLinda Fox is a talented artist and digital illustrator. She is a member of the Portrait Artists of Arizona. She has won many awards for her oils and pastels. She researches, organizes and manages our exhibits and sponsorships at craft shows, farmer’s markets, and trade shows.

Graphic Design & Illustration

Joseph LaBrash

Digital Illustrator

jos_bnwJoseph is a talented digital illustrator with a knack for logo design, and plenty of experience with poster, advertisement and apparel design.

Cason Smithson


CasonSmithsonCason Smithson is our newest graphic designer and illustrator. He’s also a talented digital animator.

Rosie Fox

Assistant Designer

RosieFoxRosie is very creative and has a great eye for design, and a steady hand for fine artwork and illustration.

Our Process

1. Organize Ideas and Information

Send us any ideas or requirements you have for your graphics or website including colors, fonts, layout, style, etc. More organized information and better communication will result in a smoother process, quicker turnaround, and a better end product.

2. Design

The design phase of the product can take anywhere from a couple hours to a few days depending on the project. We will create 1-5 various mockups of your design and send them to you to review.

3. Revisions

Once you review your designs, you are free to request as many changes as you would like (within reason). If you like certain elements from one mockup and other elements from another, we can combine them and change things around until you’re happy.

Prepayment: required for flat rate projects. Payment is refundable if, after several revisions, you just don’t feel that we are the right fit for your project.

Invoicing: Hourly rate projects will be invoiced via Paypal at the end of the project (or end of month if longer) and must be paid within 14 days of receiving invoice.


"I recently used Podcast Designs to do a custom podcast cover and I was thrilled with their services. Not only did they create a design that perfectly captured the look and feel of my request, they worked with me to make sure every detail was right. They delivered the work on a timely basis and were a pleasure to do work with throughout the process. I highly recommend Podcast Designs!"

Project Type: Podcast Artwork, Website, Social Media Graphics, Video Graphics, Mobile App.

Dr. Nina Savelle-Rocklin

Owner, Win the Diet War

"Rebecca easily understood my design objective and soon I had the finished product in my email inbox. Easy to work with. Good results in a timely manner."

Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Sid Grosvenor

"I love it... You're the best... I'm so unbelievably pleased with what you did."

Bob Zerull

I Hate Critics

"That's perfect! I like that design."

Charles Bass

SportsConnect Podcast

"I would like to thank you very much for the great job you have done with my logo and my album art! It really looks great in iTunes and is really easy to identify it amongst all the podcasts. I look forward to working with you again."

Emmanuel Lacroix

Batooba Podcast

"Outstanding!!! I absolutely love this logo, Becky!"

Jay Daniels

Muffin Junkee

"Becky is absolutely the best. She has an intuitive design sense that many technical people do not have…she understands scale, color, balance etc. so that whatever she produces looks good. Her technical skills are superb as well, and she was phenomenal at finding workarounds for many technical challenges we incurred due to the complexity of my site. I have now hired Becky to do work on two different businesses and she has always comes through for me. My new website, logos and e-newsletter are gorgeous and I am thrilled with the results. I will surely hire Becky again."

Project Type: Website, Newsletter, Print Graphics, eCovers, etc.

Top Qualities: Design sense, technical knowledge, dedication, and not willing to "settle!" when something just isn't right!

Jane Meagher

Owner, Opt4Success

"WOW! You almost read my mind."

Cale Nelson

Fo Time!

"That is perfect!!! Thanks so much for your help! I will highly recommend your work."

Chris Pilon

DADrenaline Podcast

"I love it. I think it's eye catching... I've sent a few people your way looking for art for podcasts. I'm getting a lot of great response on mine! My podcast launched several weeks ago, and it's going well."

Erik Hemingway

Family Adventure Podcast

I LOVE this!!!! Wow, I’m glad I hired a professional - I thought I could do this myself but this image blows my feeble attempts out the water. And, it’s much better aligned with my brand!


"I couldn’t be more delighted to recommend Becky. She took my jumbled ideas and turned out a spectacular cover for my show. Not only do I love the artwork, it turned out better than I could have imagined. Becky’s work is fabulous and she knew how to draw out comments and suggestions to make the design even better. What a tremendous value for the money. I can’t wait to work with her again."

Project Type: Podcast Album Art

Top Qualities: Superbly talented, professional, considerate, thorough, client satisfaction

Ken Holloway


I had been searching around for a while for a graphic designer to help me with creating some artwork for my network's podcasts.
I am not very artistic so my attempts were very poor at best but when I found these guys they took my ideas and ran with them! Becky did an amazing job on all the projects that I presented to her even when I didn't have a clear idea of what I wanted!
After the first one she did for me, I was hooked! I came back with zero idea at all other than a name and artwork one of our fans and I left the rest to Becky and she did amazing as always!
Best part is when I needed a stream overlay and had contacted tons of "professional" stream overlay graphic designers and most either took forever to get back to me or just couldn't produce what I wanted and weren't willing to do more than the bare minimum! I emailed Becky and asked if she wanted to take a stab at it and she created an absolutely perfect overlay exactly the way I wanted it that worked great with the theme of our network!
I would recommend these guys to ANYONE and they definitely have my repeat business going forward!

Types of Projects: Podcast Album Art and Streaming Overlays

Top Qualities: Incredibly talented, great vision, quick work, willingness to work with a customer


Dungeon Crawler Network

"Love you Becky! You do awesome work and quick too!"

Tracee Weinzerl

"That is great!!! Thanks so much for your work and quick turnaround!"

Michelle Whitley

How to Lose Weight Fast

"Amazing. I love it!! I showed it to a couple friends- they think it's beautiful. Love your work."

Deanna Lynn

Ask the Beauty Advisor