WordPress Websites


$500A professional, efficient, informative website is more important to a business, organization or individual’s success than ever.  Many people will not even visit a business, whether it be a restaurant, salon, retail store, etc. without visiting their website to get an idea of the style and atmosphere of the business, find out information about products and services, pricing, hours, contact information, etc. It is an easily accessible, non-intimidating brochure and resume of the business in which they are interested.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an online website content management system, which is used for almost 75 million websites worldwide (about 19% of all websites). It allows you to edit your pages and blog posts from anywhere you can access the internet using almost any device. It is constantly being improved and updated for highest functionality and security. It is flexible enough to be used on something as simple as a personal blog site or as complex as a large business website. There are thousands of plugins for almost any type of functionality you may need, from contact forms to search engine optimization to eCommerce.

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